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  • Help with Understanding Your Current Options

  • Help with Any and All Questions Related to Your Mortgage and Foreclosure

  • Pre-foreclosure

  • Stopping Foreclosure

  • Contacting Your Mortgage Company the Proper Way 

  • Modifying Your Mortgage

  • Selling your home

  • Finding equity in your home

  • Finding Verified Qualified Licensed Legal Help for Legal Matters

  • ​Divorce

  • ​Behind on property taxes

  • ​Code violations

  • ​House will not sell with an agent

  • ​Vacant property

  • ​Death in family

  • ​Challenging tenants

  • ​Job Transfer or Loss

  • ​Inherited property

  • ​Advice about homes in disrepair

  • ​Un-permitted work challenges

  • ​​Squatters

  • ​Hoarder


Foreclosure Management Systems is here to help you with the stress that comes with a foreclosure and make you more knowledgeable in the foreclosure process putting you back in control, all the while relieving the worries that foreclosure can bring. We are here to help and stop your foreclosure.

FMS envisions healthy and self-sufficient families living in sustainable, safe, and diverse neighborhoods to empower individuals, enhance the community, and support the local economy. 


The FMS team has its roots in the 2008 housing crash and knows the pain and helplessness of foreclosure. We understand the added grief and shame that is brought on by your Family’s life being upended and your neighbors watching everything crumble around you.  The President of FMS is Joseph LaSorella, a native Chicagoan with years of experience in the financial services industry and someone who was affected by foreclosure himself in 2008. 


The FMS team also includes Foreclosure Counselors, Accountants, Attorneys, Appraisers, Lenders and Realtors with your privacy and personal goals in mind.  Your case is unique and so should be the solution to your foreclosure. Our team will listen to you and your needs, and give you the options which will lead you on the right path to exit the foreclosure, on your timeline and in control of the process.   

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